He parted the world but his vision remains to wander within the premise of continually attaining a lasting peace through protection of the environment and sustainable economic growth,- by his family, friends, colleagues and the people. This is the Datu Toto Paglas Experience – his dreams and passion towards achieving it did not only become something that is to be attained, but it had rather lived flourishly in the hearts of those he had inspired and influenced, loved and cared for, served and protected. We, at the Paglas Corporation intuitively developed within ourselves the kind of outlook that our Dear Datu Toto has grown in his lifetime. We shall continue to impart this to the people of the present and for the next generations to come.


Rediscovering Hidden Opportunities in ARMM, Investing in the State's Economy and Peace Building Process

Contrary to common perception, it is not supposed to be difficult to do business in ARMM. The Datu Paglas experience has shown that we can host investors in a competitive manner.....

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PH gov't works to re-open massive banana plantation in Maguindanao

The Philippine government, through the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), is working to re-open and rehabilitate a huge banana plantation in Maguindanao.

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