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ARMM needs devít manager ó Drilon

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The Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) badly needs an effective and development-oriented manager who will be able to bring in the badly-needed foreign investments, business development and eventually jobs in the region, Senate President and Liberal Party head Franklin Drilon says.

In a dialogue with student leaders and young professionals from ARMM who visited him at the Senate, Drilon explained that the age-old Mindanao conflict can only be resolved if the problems of poverty and underdevelopment will be effectively addressed by a competent, graft-free and dynamic regional government.

"It is about time that the people of the Muslim Mindanao region be given an opportunity to select leaders who can serve as effective development managers and will bring jobs to the poor Muslims," Drilon said. "Certainly, we need better governance in Muslim Mindanao."

"Too much political considerations were given in the selections of ARMM leaders in the past. It is high time that the people should give a chance to development-oriented managers with known track records on competence," Drilon said.

In an earlier statement, Drilon explained that a strong anti-corruption and pro-development platform of government led to the decision of the Liberal Party (LP) to support the gubernatorial candidacy of progressive businessman Datu Ibrahim Toto Paglas III.

Paglasí running mate is Hata Dimaporo, younger brother of Rep. Abdullah Dimaporo, and a respected member of the influential Dimaporo clan in Lanao.

"The LP is offering the people of the ARMM the option of electing political leaders who, for a change, can finally bring about effective governance, economic development and transparency to the regional autonomous government," he said.

Drilon said he was impressed by Paglasí track record as a manager and development oriented entrepreneur who was able to bring in billions of pesos in foreign investments to war-torn areas in Central Mindanao.

Paglas was not just an effective peace advocate and promoter of inter-culture dialogue but was a highly-respected corporate manager known for his connections with foreign investors, Drilon said.

He is the grandson of pre-martial law LP Senator Salipada Pendatun and a nephew of the late Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Chairman Hashim Salamat.